Learn Thrift Flipping with Kelly!

Your Beginner Class To Learn How To Transform Thrifted Items Into All New One-Of-A-Kind Designs ✂️

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What You Will Learn in 30 minutes

  • Necessary VS. Helpful Tools
  • ​The Right Thrifting Mindset
  • Thrifting ​Preparation, Ideas & Expectations 
  • ​Pairing Of Thrifted Garments & Accessories
  • ​What To Look For In The Thrift Store?
  • ​Unfolding Your Creativity!
  • ​Quick Insights: Dyeing, Bleaching, Sewing, No-Sew

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I do that?
Of course! If you can think it, you can do it. I started thrifting when I was a little kid & taught myself everything I'm about to teach you! Don't worry, I got you covered. 💖

Do I need to know how to sew?
For the first course, Thrift Flipping 101, you do not need to know how to sew. There will however be other courses that you will need to have knowledge on how to sew… BUT, I will have a Sewing Basics course available as soon as these classes drop so you will be able to become a thrift flipping master! ✂️

Is there a specific timeframe to start & finish a course? 
Once you purchase a course, there is no timeframe you have to start, and/or finish that specific course. You will have full control tailored to your personal schedule to complete it, and will never lose access to anything you purchase at KFTD :)

How long are the sessions?
Each class has a different duration depending on subject matter & will be listed prior to purchasing. You can expect classes to run anywhere from 30 minutes up to 4 hrs, but can vary. 

How often are new courses available? 
 I am planning on releasing new classes on a constant basis over time, covering an array of different topics. Some examples you should expect to see in the near future are: Thrift Flip Sew-Alongs w/ Me, Bleaching 101, How to Distress, No-Sew Courses, Working with Sequin, How to Make a Fanny Pack, How to work with Faux Fur, How to Sew in a Zipper, & many more!

Will you have print-at-home patterns available to purchase? 
Yes! I am currently in the works on multiple different patterns I will soon have available where you will be able to print-at-home for personal use. Be on the lookout for new patterns dropping frequently as well :)

Do you accept returns on any of your courses and/or patterns? 
We do offer a 14 day money back guarantee on courses, ONLY IF the course is less than 50% completed at time of return request. We do not offer returns on any patterns since they are available for download immediately. Hope you understand :)

What operating system do I need to take the courses? 
KFTD courses are available on iPhone, Android, Desktop, and/or Tablet. 

Do I need to purchase course materials?
Each course requires different materials needed & there will be a ‘tools list’ provided prior to purchasing a course to let you know what you will need to complete that course. 

Do you have an affiliate program? 
Yes! Though it is not available to the public yet, I will soon be dropping a super fun affiliate program to connect & grow with amazing people like you💗

Whom should I contact if I have additional questions? 
We would love to hear from you! Please contact info@kellydempsey.com with your questions and we will get back to you in 24-48hrs.